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Here are my builds of VyOS. They are untouched and direct from the vyos Github repo.

Why take my word and trust these image? It is the images that I use. I build these images for my own use in lab and production environments. An alternative is to purchase support from VyOS or not be lazy :-) and build these images yourselves using the directions on the VyOS website. (I'll post my build instructions I use soon)

The new 1.3.x ISOs are 7zip compressed to save some space and to provide a checksum test when downloading. Newer images are just .iso files. I'm working on adding a signing key to the images. The images with the extra info are special builds for those platforms, for example -aws, -xcpng.

The plain amd64 ISO is for all real and virtual(Xen, Vmware, hyperv, kvm) x64 platforms.

Current release = vyos-1.3.1-S1.amd64.iso

My changelog for 1.3.x LTS series:

  • Vyos-1.3.1-S1.1 – Patched with S1 security release and current kernel.
  • Vyos- – Rebuild for kernel 5.4.182 upgrade.
  • Vyos- – Rebuild for kernel 5.4.181 upgrade.
  • Vyos- – Messed up the build, not posted.

Older 1.2.x image vyos-1.2.4-amd64.iso (AWS S3 hosted)

Files in namespace linux:vyos
vyos-1.3.1-s1.1-amd64-xcpng.iso336 MB2022/04/06 20:59
vyos- MB2022/03/04 21:28
vyos- MB2022/03/04 16:55
vyos- MB2022/03/04 21:28
vyos- MB2022/03/04 21:28
vyos-1.3.1-s1.1-amd64.iso335 MB2022/04/06 20:32

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