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Welcome. This site is just a collection point for projects and various things that interest me. I have found so much information on the Internet over the years; this is my attempt to give back (in a very small way).

NOTE: The server has moved to a new home. I'm still in the process of correcting links. Some are still broke.

(This is the new site)

Random Info

Linux and Ubuntu related stuff. My current build of Vyos 1.2.4 ISO is here.

Open Zaurus

The OpenZaurus 3.5.4 images for the Sharp 5000/5500 (Collie) can be found here BROKEN.


Various X-Plane related files can be found here. The list includes archives of X-Plane version 8.40 and 8.50 as well as some older Mac versions. You can also find the Mars scenery here. Note: these are just the demo versions.

Microsoft Windows

Windows 11

Disable web search.

Uninstall Edge.

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